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Train the Trainer

This TTT course is specially designed to help trainers improve their skills and furnish them with the knowledge and skills they need to become successful trainers Learn how to design a training course, manage offline and online learning environments, Improve communication and presentation skills.

Workplace Skills Training

This training is designed to guide new or existing employees on how to develop their skills and align with the objectives of the business. We’ll work with you to identify the organizational skill gap, handle conflict, foster collaboration, and manage time more efficiently. Sign up today to register for our upcoming session!

Employability Skills Training

Become job-ready with this targeted pre-employment training designed to help you gain confidence, build communication skills and develop the core skills you need for the job you want. Would you like to create a great impression with your employer, showcase your experiences and successfully apply? Sign up now!

Digital Skills Training

The world has gone digital. Have you? Improve your digital literacy and learn how to use technology to find, use and share information. This training will provide insight on digital tools for efficiency and productivity as well as the importance of privacy and online security.

Business Communication Training

Sign up for this training to learn the process of sharing information within and outside the organization in order to promote an organization’s goals, objectives, aims, and activities. It will give you a practical understanding of effective communication in a business context and redefine how you work with others.

Customer Service Training

Customer service training is vital to maintaining excellent customer relations. But not every team has the resources or time to develop a good training program. Sign up for this training to learn key customer-centric techniques, skills and practices. At the end, you will gain practical knowledge on best practices and quickly gain customer confidence.

Sales and Marketing Training

Learn how to develop, implement, and measure a winning marketing strategy using modern tools and platforms. This training will equip you with the skills to win more business, negotiate deals and grow your clientele.

Social Media Management Training

Our specialist social media training offers your business a one-on-one practical approach to content generation, brand visibility, engagement and of course, patronage. We offer Social Media Training for individuals, groups, teams, and organizations. Sign up now to reserve a seat!

Business startup Training

In this training, you will learn the A to Z of setting up your business from the scratch. Sign up for this training and we’ll hold your hand every step of the way as you watch your idea blossom into a thriving and productive enterprise.

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